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We have semi automatic Jiggers with big Capacity. After washing the fabric is cooked in hot water with chemicals and then washed again to remove the chemicals completely. The dyes are set and the fabric is dyed as per the required colour shades.
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After the fabric is Washed or Dyed (on Jiggers) it is dried on the Drying Range and then it is ready for printing.
For every color in the design the numbers of screens are different viz. if a design have four colors four number of screens are made i.e one for each color.
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Primary Checking

Goods are checked for Printing or Dying Mistakes viz. Misprints or Color Differences etc.


We have our own complete team of tailors who are skilled and can give high quality stitching. We have all the process under one roof where the, Cutting of the fabric and measuring is done by a Master.
We have 2 to 3 Masters who are highly skilled and specialized for Made-ups, under whom all the tailors are guided and strict quality is maintained.

Secondary Checking

Goods are checked for Stitching Mistakes and Size Differences and Spotting (if there is any on particular piece).


Stitching Threads are cut and Ironing etc.

Final Checking

All the pieces are checked in respect of Primary and Secondary Checking.


Packing of goods as the buyers instruction or as per convenience.