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Vikas Enterprises has a capacity of processing 10,000 meters of grey fabric per day and printing of at least 3000 meters per day with stitching and finishing capacity of as per required production per day.

We have stitching machines, Grey checking and Inspection Machine, thread cuttings division equipped with advanced technology and steam press to give perfect finish to the product.

We have ample specialised technical staff in various departments to cater the above with. Fully furnished offices with communication facilities like dedicated fax line, 24x365 hrs Internet, always online E-mail etc. and an impressive showroom with latest product line regularly developed in-house by textile and fashion designers through regular R&D.

In our 24000 sq.meter premises, we have done significant plantation. Effluent treatment plant, is used to recycle the nutralised Water (produced after Dying and Washing) and to Absorb Any Air Pollution Created by the Factory.

This makes us a complete Environment Friendly Process House, Causing Minimum Environmental Hazards.